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Key Information

  • Online booking and registration must be completed before your child can attend.
  • Please provide your child with suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities, 

  • Please keep us updated if you change your contact information

  • Please keep us updated if your child experiences any medical issues/changes.

  • We recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

  • You child MUST bring a water bottle with them.

  • The member of staff registering them will ask them to show their water bottle before entering the facility.

  • If they do not have one, you will be required to purchase one from DFJ Multisports for 50p.

  • It is essential for children to stay hydrated during sport. Children will have the opportunity for regular drinks breaks and refilling of their water bottle when needed. 

  • Please ensure your child arrives wearing suitable clothing and shoes for sport, including sun hats & sun cream during warmer days and waterproofs during rain/winter when we are using outdoor facilties (with the exception of children attending the Brockenhurst pick up club who have the option to get changed at the facility).

  • We will keep your child in the shade as much as we can during warmer months and ensure they have access to water throughout their time with us.

  • All facilties are throughly risk assessed and monitored to ensure that they comply with health and safety requirements.

  • Staff are trained to recognise hazards and how to eliminate or control them- you will easily recognise our team by their company uniform displaying our company logo.

  • Dan is our Welfare Officer, and Sarah is our Safeguarding Officer should you want to voice concerns or chat about your child's needs.

  • Only pre approved and authorised adults, named on your registration records as your Authorised Collection Person, can collect your child. If you would like more than one authorised collection person please fill out an additional Authorised Collection Person form or contact us. People unknown to staff will be asked to prove their identity so please ensure that they bring a form of ID, they will also be asked to provide the password you recorded upon registration.

  • Communication will be given to parents through emails to the primary email address supplied.

  • Please keep us updated by email if your child experiences any medical issues/changes.

  • If you would prefer communication on paper format, please speak to a member of staff.

  • Please be aware that we are unlikely to answer the company phone during sessions. Our office hours vary so if we are unable to take your call when you would like to talk to us on the phone, please leave a voicemail or send an email ahead of time so we can arrange a good time.

  • We have both a Facebook page and Twitter accounts where you can see updates on sessions and other news.

  • All personal data that you provide will be held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. For more information please refer to our GDPR information.

  • If your child has special requirements, including medical, allergy or otherwise, you may also be asked to complete a Health Care Plan giving staff an insight into your child’s condition and what to do in an emergency situation.

  • Toilet facilities are easily accessed by children; if you have any concerns please notify us in advance and discuss your child’s individual circumstances with the head coach.

  • If your child requires medication such as inhalers or auto-injector (epipen) please complete a Permission to Administer Medicine Form and ensure that your child’s medication is always at the club on the days your child attends.

  • Medication will never be given without the prior written request of the Parent/Guardian, and the Permission to Administer Medicine Form must have been received by DFJ Multisports before we can administer any medication. The information requested includes frequency, dosage, any potential side effects and any other pertinent information.

  • Any medication your child needs to take whilst they are within our care must be clearly marked with the child’s name and dosage instructions.

  • All medication must be handed to a staff member. Under no circumstances must any medication be left in your child’s bag.

  • A child who, in the opinion of DFJ Multisports management, is obviously ill when they arrive at the club will not be accepted. This includes children who have been given medication (such as paracetamol) that may have masked symptoms. 

  • If your child becomes unwell whilst in our care, we will to contact you, explain the situation, and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, you may be asked to contact your own GP’s practice for further assistance.

  • In addition to children who are unwell, children with any ailments considered infectious or contagious will be excluded from the club for the allocated period of time. 

  • Children attending DFJ Multisports with an injury, however small, whether this happens at home or at DFJ Multisports, must have this recorded on an accident form. Please speak to a member of staff.

  • Please see our COVID-19 Policy for information regarding self-isolation and illness.

  • If your child unfortunately sustains an injury whilst in our care, we will write an accident form with details of the injury. Children will usually be able to continue the session after first aid is administered for a graze or bumped head. You will also be notified upon collection about what happened. 

  • If an injury is more serious, we will contact you immediately to inform you. We will ask your permission to administer medication if we feel it may be needed, which you are entitled to refuse. We will ask you to collect your child if we feel that the injury will stop them from continuing to participate in the session.

  • Parents/Guardians must notify DFJ Multisports via email or text if your child will not be attending a club session prior to the beginning of the session. This is important for your child’s safety. 

  • If you need to call and leave a message, please request a call/text you back to ensure we have received your message.

  • If the child does not arrive when expected, we will then implement the Missing Child Procedure.

  • If your child is absent on their standard booked day or single booked sessions, no refunds will be made, or accounts credited.



If you know in advance that your child will be collected by someone other than their Primary Collection Person, please fill out a Child Collection Form to let us know. 

Please be aware that we are unlikely to answer the company phone during sessions. Therefore, if you are calling to let us know you will be late collecting your child or someone else will be collecting them, please leave us a voicemail or text message. We will check messages between sessions to ensure we receive your message in time.

  • On your booking registration form you will have provided us with the details of at least 2 emergency contacts. These people must be people that you authorise to collect your child. These people need to be living locally or able to collect your child in an emergency.

  • If these details change, please let us know by email so we can update your personal information.

  • We will only allow your child to be collected by someone other than those named on the child’s records if we have received prior consent on a Child Collection Form

  • Any changes notified will be recorded in the club diary.

  • If you wish to provide us with additional contacts/people who are authorised to collect your child, please fill out an Authorised Collection Person form. We will then add this information to our records.

  • The person collecting must provide us with the pre-agreed password and a form of photographic ID for verification purposes.

  • A staff member who does not recognise an adult collecting a child will ask for the adult’s name, password and ID before leaving the child in their care.

  • Staff may call a child’s parents/carers to clarify any confusion or relay any concerns if necessary. 

  • Only authorised collection people named on your registration records can collect your child.

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